What are the basics of Horticulture Lighting?
What are the basics of Horticulture Lighting?

Horticulture Lighting, Horticulture LED, LED 2835

Biopharmaceuticals and agriculture industries, among others, have a stake in maintaining seasonal plants all year round. But Horticulture Lighting is a delicate science. There have been innovative approaches to solve the global shortage of arable land and clean water, but one variable remains unresolved — light.

Natural light can be unpredictable, but it's essential for plant growth, and up until recently, growers had little control over it. Innovative Horticulture LEDlighting can supplement or replace natural light to improve plant growth, increase energy efficiency, and reduce the environmental effect of agriculture.

Working of Horticulture LED

Optimal plant growth in indoor environments depends on proper lighting, and Horticulture Lighting improves greenhouse and indoor lighting in two ways. First, LED lights use a microchip to power the tiny lights within the bulb, and any residual heat is safely absorbed in the heat sink.

What about LED 2835?

An LED lamp is composed of multiple LEDs mounted onto a circuit board, typically specified at certain densities, such as 60 per meter for LED strips. LEDs are packaged in a variety of ways called LED packages.

The power density of the second generation of LEDs improved. The LED 2835 is typically powered at 60 mA each (0.2 Watt). In addition, LED chip technology improvements and packaging thermal design improvements have led to a significant increase in LED power levels.

LED 2835

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