What is UVB?

Wavelength between 280-315nm is called UVB, the shorter wavelength of the UVB is absorbed by transparent glass, and most of the medium ultraviolet light contained in sunlight is absorbed by the ozone layer, and less than 2% can reach the earth’s surface, UVB is particularly strong in summer and afternoons.

LEDESTAR UVB products:

What is the application of UVB?

  • UVB can promote the formation of mineral metabolism and vitamin D in the body, can be used for skin detection, and has a significant effect on psoriasis and other skin diseases treatment.
    • UVB can detect and identify special materials such as proteins, phosphor medicine, fluorescent paint, food additives and other special materials.
    • UVB can accelerates the production of plant polyphenols and other active substances, it is useful for led grow light.

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