What is UVA?

UVA is within 315-400nm.It has the strongest ability to penetrate the atmosphere, the least destructive, will not directly cause harm to the human body, but UVA will cause long-term, chronic and lasting damage, making the skin prematurely aging, so it is also called “Aging Rays”.
LEDESTAR UVA products:

What is the application of UVA?

  • UVA can attract the insects, insect trap led lightand mosquito control led light can be made.And the main wavelength is 365nm to 400nm.
  • UVA can stimulate anthocyanin of plants, which is important for led grow light and horticulture lighting. A wavelength of 390nm-400nm is mainly used.
  • UVA within 365nm and 370 nm can distinguish the phosphor and it is widely used in gem identification.
  • UVA can stimulate the photon catalyst, produce strong oxidation substances, function on sterilization and deodorization. (365nm-400nm).
  • The UVA is available for UV curing and UV 3D printing.Curing applications include UV glue curing in display screen, electronic medical treatment, instrument and other industries, and UV ink curing in building materials, furniture, home appliances, automobile and other industries.And PCB industry UVA curing such as components (capacitance, various plug-ins, screws, chips, etc.) fixed, moisture-proof sealing and core circuit, chip protection, antioxidant coating protection.

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