“LEDESTAR,the horticulture lighting led diode specialist.”
“LEDESTAR,the horticulture lighting led diode specialist.”

After years of rapid development, the horticulture lighting industry began to enter the industry reshuffle period in 2021.At the same time, global horticulture lighting demand fell off in a short term due to the outbreak.However, for LEDESTAR, known as the "Horticulture lighting LED diode specialist", the epidemic does not affect the overall development.

In 2021, the overall revenue of LEDESTAR horticulture lighting diode up 8.4% compare with 2020, while its core products 351V plant red light and 303H white light two single product shipments exceeded 30 million!

In the overall industry is slowing down in the moment, how to achieve growth against the trend? Cheng Ming, Co-Founder of LEDESTAR, said in an interview recently that the secret of Khalida's market victory lies in innovation, research and development and extreme service: on the one hand, based on market segments, dig deep into market demand, and build differentiated competitiveness with differentiated products and technologies.On the other hand, it highlights the high cost performance, as well as the whole case service and the whole process service. While helping customers to save costs, it constantly improves customer satisfaction and trust by improving the precision and efficiency of the response to customer needs.

In the past two years, the horticulture lighting industry has experienced both ice and fire.In 2020, under the catalysis of the legal commercialization of commercial crops (marijuana) in North America and the people's enhanced awareness of food crisis under the epidemic, the overseas horticulture lighting market began to usher in an outbreak period, and the export volume of related products increased high, benefiting many domestic LED enterprises.In the first half of 2021, the horticulture lighting market ushered in a blowout development, the LED lighting industry chain, the middle and downstream of each link accelerated the rush into the horticulture lighting market, aiming to catch up with the dividend brought by the rapid development of the market.However, since the second half of last year, the overall growth rate of the horticulture lighting industry has slowed down by the core shortage, shipping period, and the United States to control marijuana, and thus entered the reshuffle period.

As engaged in the LED lighting industry for many years, LEDESTAR has been a leader in the industry, during the industry reshuffle, LEDESTAR also withstood the test of the market.LEDESTAR was engaged in the research and development, production and sales of LED products in 2008. In 2015, it realized independent operation and transformed into a mainland enterprise, focusing on horticulture lighting market, advancing from both non-visual and visual directions.At present, the products mainly cover biological lighting, outdoor industrial lighting, film and television lighting, UV lighting, intelligent RGB and other application fields.Among them, biological lighting products accounted for 74.5%, while plant lighting accounted for more than 80% of biological light.

In 2021, the overall revenue of LEDESTAR increase 8.4% compared with 2020, among which the core products of 351V plant red and 303H white light both exceeded 30 million.The compound annual growth rate of 45% from 2018 to 2021 was as high.

While providing cost-effective products, LEDESTAR exports various application solutions and priceless training services.In addition, LEDESTAR has hired four top domestic horticulture lighting experts and Dr.Coco who focuses on the cannabis industry,graduated from University of California as a technical advisory group, providing professional consulting services to 39 clients.

In the future, the application field of biological lighting will be more and more extensive, and the market volume will be bigger and bigger. Accordingly, the requirements for professionalism will be higher and higher.

In order to stand firm in the industry reshuffle period, and eventually occupy a certain position in the market, for this, LEDESTAR do a good job of strategic response in advance.

At the upcoming GILE2022, LEDESTAR will bring up the latest upgrade version of its flagship products, 351V plant red light, 303H white light, and 351H full-spectrum ceramic inverted installation series.


Among them, the 351V plant red light 5.0 upgraded version of L9,contains two highlights, one is to consider the ALN substrate structure and optical design to achieve the best light extraction process, improve the parameter efficiency of 1.5%, @700MA PPE efficiency value up to 4.2umol / J.The second is to add gold plating process to improve the vulcanization resistance by 3%, put the product in Ta=25℃± 5℃, 1g / 1000ml sulfur containing environment, through 350MA current continues to light 4000H, PPE efficiency maintenance rate is 97%.303H 3 Light 3.5 upgrade version, complete the fifth generation of phosphor update, improve the efficiency again 0.8%, @60ma, PPE efficiency value up to 3.27umol / j.The 351H full-spectrum ceramic inverted series, using the co-crystal manufacturing process, high reliability, ultra-high efficiency, @350mA lighting light efficiency of 200Lm / W, plant lighting PPE efficiency value of 2.95umol / J.

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