How important is UV technology for us?
How important is UV technology for us?

Now a day, we can feel UV technology every where in our life.Horticulture lighting, UV cure light, UV disinfection, UV sterilizer etc, all can not separate from UV LED.Before we begin to study UV technology, it is necessary to know the definition of UV.UV namely ultraviolet. Wavelength from 10nm-400nm.According to different wavelength, UV can be divided into 3 types: UVA UVB UVC,after reading this article, you may have a further understanding of UV technology.


UV technology is relatively complex, however,there were important breakthroughs in the 20th century,In 2006, Japanese professor Nakamura explained the principle of UV led water sterilization to the people.Meanwhile, South Korea's Seoul Semiconductor company has also developed a short-wavelength UV LED. In 2007, Nichia 365nmuv led began sell. Overall, 2006 -2015 is the germination period of the UV technology;2016-2017 is the development period;2018-today, the technology is mature and constantly evolving.

Introductions and applications

According to the UV energy, scientists classify UV into UVA UVB and UVC.

UVA 320-400nm

It has the strongest ability to penetrate the atmosphere, the least destructive, will not directly cause harm to the human body, but UVA will cause long-term, chronic and lasting damage, making the skin prematurely aging, so it is also called “Aging Rays”.

UVA applications

  • In line with the photon reaction curve of insects, insect trap led light and mosquito control led light can be made.(365nm-400nm)
  • UVA is the central area of plant photon, which can stimulate anthocyanin for led grow light and horticulture lighting. (390nm-400nm)
  • Under UVA, the phosphor can be recognized and it is widely used in gem identification.(365nm-370nm)
  • UVA can stimulate the photon catalyst, produce strong oxidation substances, function on sterilization and deodorization. (365nm-400nm)
  • The UVA is available for UV curing and UV 3D printing.Curing applications include UV glue curing in display screen, electronic medical treatment, instrument and other industries, and UV ink curing in building materials, furniture, home appliances, automobile and other industries.And PCB industry UVA curing such as components (capacitance, various plug-ins, screws, chips, etc.) fixed, moisture-proof sealing and core circuit, chip protection, antioxidant coating protection.

UVB 280-320nm

The shorter wavelength of the UVB is absorbed by transparent glass, and most of the medium ultraviolet light contained in sunlight is absorbed by the ozone layer, and less than 2% can reach the earth's surface, UVB is particularly strong in summer and afternoons.

UVB applications

  • UVB has spiloplaxia effect toward human body, it can promote the formation of mineral metabolism and vitamin D in the body, can be used for skin detection, and has a significant effect on psoriasis and other skin diseases treatment.
  • UVB can also detect and identify special materials such as proteins, phosphor medicine, fluorescent paint, food additives and other special materials.
  • UVB can accelerates the production of plant polyphenols and other active substances, it is useful for led grow light.

UVC 200-280nm
The UVC has the weakest penetration capacity to penetrate through most of the transparent glass and plastics.The UVC contained in sunlight is almost completely absorbed by the ozone layer and absorbed before reaching the ground.

UVC applications

  • UVC kills all microorganisms by destroy the DNA, including bacteria, tuberculosis, viruses, spores, and fungi, but different sanitizers require different doses.
  • UVC is widely used in hospitals, air conditioning systems, disinfection cabinets, water treatment equipment, water fountains, sewage treatment factory, swimming pools etc.


Because UV technology are widely used and very important.The standard of UV LED are also strictly.Under the efforts of LEDESTAR R&D department,we have produced a batch of superior performance UV LED. And our mainly package size are 2835 3030 3535 6868. Choose the superior materials in the world to produce LED.16 steps of LED reliable testing.Different UV LED available for variety applications, such as horticulture lighting, UV led light, UV led bulb, UV sterilizer,UV cure light and so on.

With the improvement of people's requirements for living standards, and the development of industry,UV will become a part of our life in the future.From family and daily sterilization to industry UV curing or 3D print etc.The role of UV technology is becoming more prominent.

Vision of the UV future

This more efficient, more environmental friendly UV LED will surely be a new technology in the future.The market will grow bigger and bigger,It will also drive the development of some additional industries, such as UV glue.

Policies and patent requirements will only get higher and higher, and industry standards will continue to rise.Avoid some companies to lower the prices and cause vicious competition.

LEDESTAR be famous as “the magician of horticulture lighting LED”,however, horticulture lighting LED just one of our technology, We will keep developing, constantly invest in research and development, and constantly improve the parameters of UV led technology, to provide the superior performance LED for every UV light company.We are ready to face all the troubles.


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