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LEDESTAR has been working at horticulture lighting LED since 2012,accumulated a wealth of horticulture lighting experience.During the past 10 years, LEDESTAR serving more than 1000 horticulture lighting customers,customized 2895 spectrum.LEDESTAR has conducted research on LED spectrum planting technology with Chinese scientific research institutions such as Peking University Optoelectronics Research Institute, Shanxi Agricultural University, and South China Agricultural University.

Before solution design, we will collect needs of customers, including the type of LED light used, customer desired PPF value, and photoelectric conversion efficiency and light transmittance. Only when we know well all the customer needs can we match the most suitable spectrum

Customized Service

LEDESTAR provide abundant wavelengths from UV to IR.
λD(Dominant Wavelength),λP(Peak Wavelength)optional.









415nm,425nm,435nm,450nm,460nm,470nm,490nm,500nm,515nm,525nm,550nm,570nm,580nm,590nm,600nm,610nm,620nm,630nm,640nm,660nm,680nm,690nm ……









For LED horticulture lighting, many wavelengths are studied and proven to be very useful for plants, these wavelengths are concentrated in, 660nm, 450nm, 730nm, but this does not mean that other wavelength do not work, some special wavelengths can be use in other applications, few manufacturers will invest in research and development of these special spectrum, and we hope to give customers more options, in LEDESTAR, you can choose to customize wavelength.

Different full spectrum has different functions toward plants.Before LED was used in horticulture lighting, sunlight has been an important light source for plant growth, and with the maturity of LED horticulture lighting technology, we can use LED to imitate sunlight,this is also called full spectrum. Full-spectrum wavelengths cover all aspects of light that are important for plants, humans, and living species.
With the maturity of our phosphor technology, we can now match variety spectrum, and we can also develop new spectrum according to the needs of our customers.You can specify to adjust a certain spectrum, if you want blue light higher, we can all do it.During the past 7 years, LEDESTAR had customized 1660 set spectrum.

LEDESTAR supply SMD LED and COB from mid-power to high power in variety packaging size.Available for different lighting fixture.And customization available.
Because of our advantage of customization,we have served different lighting companies since 2012,including horticulture lighting, commercial lighting, UV lighting,poultry lighting.

Wattage RangeSizeCustomize Available

LEDESTAR provides good quality circuit boards with thin and solid thickness.Can also provide different shapes, including circles, rectangles and more,LEDESTAR will also help you design circuit diagrams based on your type of lights and parameters.For example, the parallel and series design.of LED.
LEDESTAR PCBA solution are also available.With professional technical team and SMT technology,LEDESTAR can help welding the LED to PCB and the operation of the entire circuit output.
LEDESTAR LED modules are wide dimming range,efficient waterproof and anti-sulfur technology,high luminous efficiency and various Luminous Angle selection,enables thin and efficient luminous designs, touch protection accessory ,high reliability and easy to use.

LEDESTAR Technical Adviser

LEDESTAR not only has the ability of independent research and development, but also has many professional professors to give us guidance of knowledge and theory.

Dr. MJ Coco

Ph.D from the University of California.
Academic research focuses on small scale food production and agricultural economics.

Professor Zhao

Senior Agronomist.
Senior Crop Plant Protection Officer.
Deputy Director of Agricultural Lighting Professional Committee of China Illuminating Society.

Professor Liu

Professor and PhD, Department of Facility Agricultural Science and Engineering, College of Horticulture, South China Agricultural University.

LEDESTAR Full Spectrum series LED

LEDESTAR have 189 types of full spectrum, including customized spectrum.Although LEDESTAR full spectrum LEDs can’t achieve high power,by using these LEDs, growers can directly implement the wide band of a single LED, Get plants to receive more light energy and produce more nutrients.What’s more, LEDESTAR full spectrum customize are available.

LEDESTAR full spectrum choose international chip brand, and the superior phosphor to ensure LEDs efficiency and quality.

Model:Ledestar #1 Full Spectrum
Color: Pink-Purple
Voltage: 3V
Suitable Plants:Leaf Vegetables

Model:Ledestar #2 Full Spectrum
Color: Pure White
Voltage: 5V
Suitable Plants:Plant Factory

Model:Ledestar #4 Full Spectrum
Color: Pink White
Voltage: 3V
Suitable Plants:Leaf Vegetable, Flower

Model: Ledestar #6 Full Spectrum
Color: Pink
Voltage: 3V
Suitable Plants:Flower,Fruit

Model: Ledestar #8 Full Spectrum
Color: Pure White
Voltage: 3V
Suitable Plants:Plant Wall

Model: Ledestar #10 Full Spectrum
Color: Cold White
Voltage: 3V
Suitable Plants:Rhizomes

Model: Ledestar #27 Full Spectrum
Color: Neutral White
Voltage: 3V
Suitable Plants:Cannabis

Model: Ledestar Sunlight Full Spectrum #1
Color: Warm White
Voltage: 3V/5V
Suitable Plants:Potted Flower

Model: Ledestar Sunlight Full Spectrum #2
Color: Natural White
Voltage: 3V/5V
Suitable Plants:Universal Plants

Model: Ledestar Sunlight Full Spectrum #3
Color: Cold White
Voltage: 3V/5V
Suitable Plants:Leaf Plants

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