Guide to Comparison of horticulture Led 660NM
Guide to Comparison of horticulture Led 660NM

About us ---LEDESTAR

With the rapid development of leds industry into horticulture, Ledestar delivers best-led chips for horticulture lighting with Ledestar hyper red led. We always focus on creating value for people.

In the horticulture lighting application, Ledestar hyper red led delivers the best performance led chips, lifetime and reliability.

It has been said that "horticulture lighting is an absolute growth market", we keep focusing provide more and more constantly improved products.

Regardless of the weather, season, or time of day, plants need sunlight to thrive, just like humans do. The right light scheme is the key factor, the ledestar 3535 red 660nm offers a photon flux of 5.93518 µmol/s at efficacy of 4.13 µmol/J at 700mA. The horticulture lighting parameters lead the domestic industry level.


The introduction of Ledestar 3535 660NM LEDs

Firstly, the red LEDs are mainly the force of photosynthesis, and the effect of photosynthesis is better under blue light conditions.

Secondly, it also helps plants to produce carbohydrates, which promotes plants to grow taller and the leaves to grow bigger.

Thirdly, in a low light environment, red lights have the highest photosynthesis efficiency of plants. Ledestar red led 660nm can compete with an international LED brand, just like OSRAM.

Lastly, red light controls the cycle and rhythm of flowers.

What material are we using?

In general, the material we used is mature. the brand-led chips are always used in Ledestar including Sanan, Epistar, HPLED, as well as Epi LED.

Firstly, the wire we use is 99.99% gold wire,, 1.2mil. Secondly, the welding line way is BBOS.

Thirdly, the frame we use is 3535 aluminum oxide gold plate white space bracket.

Lastly, the white light technology includes transparent silicon gel and mold top specifications.

The comparison between Ledestar and International brand

In general, Ledestar's 3535 660NM's parameters can be comparable with international brands, and can even exceed internationally famous brand LEDs.

Basically: the test is under the 700ma, the test temperature is 28℃, and the test machine we used is EVERFINE HAAS2000. (The comparison data is below)

About reliability test items

Ledestar 3535 660NM will pass 6 test items.

  1. Thermal and cold shock: To verify the stability of the items at high temperature, tests to verify the resistance of products to extreme temperature changes.
  2. ESD static experiment: to evaluate the anti-static capability of the product.
  3. Red ink experiment: to verify the sealing and binding performance of LED packaging.
  4. Sulfuration Experiment: the test shows that ledestar 351V uses gold - plated white anti - vulcanization process, goes through Ta=105℃±2℃, T=2Hrs, cool down 1Hrs, Ratio of weight to volume of sulfur powder:1g/1000mL, after sulfuration, lumen maintenance rate >95%, average maintenance rate: 99.58%, No bonding leads and the black coating was found after dissection. The final is qualified.
  5. High temperature and High humidity life test: to verify the durability test of the product when lighting under high temperature and humidity.
  6. Comparison of optical thermal stability: the test shows that after analyzing the thermal stability data: the thermal stability of the two light sources is the same

The core competitiveness of Ledestar

the system of led chips for horticulture lighting is complete. We have more than 30 kinds of wavelength, it is from 265-940NM, and we also have more than 20 kinds of the full spectrum that can be chosen, multiple LEDs packing forms.

The production certification is complete, and the main specification in horticulture lighting has passed DLC, LM80(Q90) firstly. Always keep leading in the industry.

Industry-leading core parameters. The core parameters in horticulture lighting PPF/PPE, we can compare with the core parameters of the highest version of Internation brand LEDs. The PPE can exceed 4.0umol/J, we have a strong R&D team. The core parameters will continue to be updated and improved.

Professional service, we will combine the needs of our customers, we provide a professional lighting distribution scheme for led grow light, and we also provide machine tests for core parameters of led grow light.

Self-designed LED simulation system to create customized spectrum solutions within 24 hours.


About service

Ledestar can offer you led grow lighting solutions,

Ledestar is honored as the magician of horticulture light led.

It's our pleasure to solve the client's problem. We have a professional R&D team, which more than 12 years experience in lighting design.

Our engineers have supplied customers with more than 2800 led chip solutions.

We have self-developed high-tech software which can create the right led chip solution according to customers' requests.

Our customers need to share the target parameter of their lighting fixture: PPE/PPFD request, etc.

Our engineer will input the information into the software and make a simulation.

Then the customized led chip solution will be created within 5 minutes.

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