Guide for service in led chips industry
Guide for service in led chips industry

LEDESTAR, as known as magician of horticulture lighting.Among the factors that play a role in determining the growth and development of a plant, light is the single most important variable that influences all aspects of plant biology in every stage of cultivation. LED technology enables control over spectrum to a level that was previously impossible. LEDs can be engineered to emit light in very specific parts of the spectrum and allow to compose a targeted spectrum to grow fruit, vegetables, herbs, plants and flowers.

LEDESTAR, adhere to fine manufacturing, with a 12,000 square meters modern factory site.

Including 8,000 square meters dust-free workshops. We have 116 automatic industry - leading production lines, with a production capacity exceeding one billion led diodes per month.The products cover various specifications like 3030,3535,2835 and 5050,etc. We also has 13 fine production process and 13 quality inspection procedures with 12 product reliability qualifications, it show our attitude to each products.

LEDESTAR has become an advanced representative of fine manufacturing in LED industry

We keed provide the best service for client in mind.

Not only we can provide you various specifications, but also we can provide ultimate service that growth lighting led solution. The R&D team can design the led solutions in a short time,the members in the R&D team have 13 years experience in LED industry, we continue to increase investment in the R&D team.

Regards the ultimate service,

firstly, about the led solutions, it is about customize and supply horticulture led modules and PCBA. And you need to share me some information of your light as below first,

1.your target PPE OR PPFD.

2.Power of one light

3.Efficacy of the driver

4.Output voltage of the driver

5.light transmittance of the cover

Then our engineer will give you a led scheme in a short time, recently, our rd team has already designed 2895 set horticulture led scheme. And we will supply the led schemes in a short time,it’s about one hour.

Secondly, it is about the customization, we can customize the color according to your requirements, and recently, we have already design more than 1600 led spectrum.

















Thirdly, we can also provide you integrating sphere test, for led diode and finished lighting,

Introduction: Spheres have a broad array of applications in photometry. In most applications, these versatile optical elements are used together with other electro optical devices such as photometers and radiometers. In a research laboratory, an integrating sphere can be used in the measurement of transmittance or reflectance of materials. Spheres are also commonly used in calibration of electronic imaging devices and light measurement.

Measurement of total flux: The total luminous flux produced by a source such as a lamp is measured by placing the source inside the optical element. Rays of light are reflected multiple times by the walls of the sphere until they are detected by the photodetector. This photometric concept is widely used in industries to compare the lumen output of light sources for manufacturing quality control. Other essential elements required for this configuration include a photon response detector and a diffuser.

Measurement of spectral radiant flux: To measure the spectral radiant flux produced by a source, an integrating sphere is used together with a spectro-radiometer. The configuration is the same as that for measuring total luminous flux except that a photodetector is replaced with a spectro - radiometer. In addition, this set up is suitable for measuring color rendering indices, correlated color temperature, and chromaticity coordinates.




LEDESTAR , guided by the concept of technology leading- industry and continuous innovation, changed from the following technology to leading the technology, dedicated to researching and designing under our technology center which is certificated by Engineering & technology center. The led spectrum and plant growing test lab has passed the CNAS audit.

In a summary, with a mission of providing ultimate service for the thriving and prosperous of customers, LEDESTAR has provided customers with leading service in cultivation consulting, led spectrum customization, led spectrum solution and training, rapid delivery and a 7-year warranty.

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