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in 2008

7,000 square meters dust-free workshop

80 complete
production lines

EN62471, ISO9001

Ledstar provides comprehensive technology Services and support for L E D light source design, solutions and lighting applications

We are especially prominent in the field of Horticultural lighting application. Ledstar provide a complete and professional L E D chip solution for plant growing lights with higher efficiency and lower cost.

Ledstar exeutes strict quality control in every step from the raw materials to technological design and to the production

The full series of products was certificated by LM-80, ROHS, REACH, E N 6 2 4 7 1, and I S O 9 0 0 1. Ledstar has a highly qualified and professional R & D, production and sales team as well as complete advanced equipment for testing and production.

Our main products include SMD LED 3030, 3535, 5050, 2835, and COB Led chip.
All these products have been widely applied in Horticultural lighting, sterilization lighting, commercial lighting as well as appliances world widely.

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LED Component, Horticulture LED, SMD LED Chip

Dongguan Lideda Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. is a Chinese LED Chip Manufacturer that irrevocably & firmly offering the best LED Component made in China.
You can now buy an Ultra-Modern LED Grow Light!  

Our product range includes:

LED 660nm, IR LED, LED 2835, LED 405nm, LED 365nm, Grow LED, Lm301b, LED 3535, Lm301h, LED 365nm, LED 5630, LED Component, LED 3030, RGB LED, LED 730nm, UV LED SMD, LED 5050
SMD LED made in China is, as of now, the most utilized kind of LED available. This is because the huge scope creation of producers has discounted its cost essentially.
The persistent development in the radiant piece of the semiconductor precious crystal guarantees that these LEDs offer a greater glow with similar force utilization after quite a long time after a year.

LED Grow Light, LED Diode, Infrared LED

Horticulture LED is one of the advanced lighting solutions. It gives you the reasonableness and impression of a customary bright light and installation, however, with LED’s very long existence.   Chinese UV LED is a strong state gadget that produces light when an electrical flow is permitted to move from the positive (p-type or anode) to the negative.   The RGB 5050 is actually a ‘tri’ chip. Tri chip signifies that it has three more modest chips in each SMD. So each white LED really has three white chips.   5050s can likewise be utilized for shading changing LED tape, with red, green, and blue chips inside each LED.  

Full Spectrum LED, UVA LED, SMD Diode

  A Chinese Full Spectrum LED develop light is essentially a promoting term that infers that your develop light intently looks like light from the sun.   This advertising term comes from the idea of “full-range light,” which as of late has been utilized to allude to electromagnetic radiation.   An IR LED (infrared light emanating diode) is a strong state lighting (SSL) gadget that discharges light in the infrared scope of the electromagnetic radiation range. Dongguan Lideda Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.: The high tech LED lightning We are including phenomenal linearity concerning occurrence light. These additionally have low inside clamor, are minimized and lightweight, have a wide otherworldly reaction, and are precisely tough. Therefore, this Photodiode can profit at a sensible cost. Our Objective Our goal is to make and keep a supported upper hand in item contributions, after-deals administration, and acquainting new innovations all together with address client’s issues as a total arrangement supplier. Our Vision :
  1. Is to be one of the best technologies identified with Lighting Applications
  2. It to reach the highest economic, environmental and social worth.
  3. Is to conduct focus on our customer and ethical methods in the entirety of our activities.
  4. Grow quicker than the business area
  Normal up-gradation of our administration information, ability, and framework is a matter of need and pride for us. Therefore, our abroad administrators occasionally prepare our staff to stay informed concerning the most recent innovations.   Dongguan Lideda Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. is an arranged assistance gathering, and consumer loyalty is of our central significance, and thusly, it is our strategy to ceaselessly improve our presentation, as estimated by our clients.   Contact our accomplished staff of technologists for the itemized item and tackle all your problems regarding the best lights in your home or your area.   Sodium Bicarbonate | RF Machine | China Stainless Steel Pipe | Outdoor Flood Light | Self Adhesive Film | Custom Notebook | 365nm LED | Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet | KTM Duke 390 Parts | Overnight Diapers | Anti Corrosion | Car Odor Eliminator | The World Wide Ads